Things like this, from Free Press

Verizon wants to change that structure by setting up tolls in both directions — blocking certain websites or charging them for priority access to Web users — and by serving as a self-appointed editor for all Internet content.

Meanwhile, from “Verizon’s Commitment to Our Broadband Internet Access Customers“…

We will not prevent you or other users of our service from sending and receiving the lawful content of your choice …  We will not unduly discriminate against any lawful Internet content, application, or service in a manner that causes meaningful harm to competition or to you or other users of our service.

This commitment is readily available at the Verizon website and is legally enforceable by the Federal Trade Commission. Yet we continue to have what amounts to a “have you stopped beating your wife?” debate.

Proponents of net neutrality regulations want to focus on whether the Internet will become something less without regulations. In reality, the question is whether networks can provide more.