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TechFreedom digs deep into the hard policy and legal questions raised by technological change. We’re bullish on the future: for the most part, it’ll be great — if we let it. If those in power can resist the all-too-natural impulse for stability and control. We craft policy frameworks that allow for experimentation, innovation, and evolution, that help people adapt to change, instead of trying to fight it, that focus on clear problems. In short, we teach policymakers how to be friends, not enemies, of the future.

The future will be as grand, and as particular, as we are.

Virginia Postrel

Recent Posts

Let Market Shape Use of Spectrum, Urges TechFreedom

December 2, 2021

Today, TechFreedom filed comments at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) arguing that the 70/80/90 GHz Band can accommodate additional usages, including High Altitude Platform Stations...

FTC Makes Way to Hinder “Legitimate Business Activity,” TechFreedom Warns

November 30, 2021

Today, TechFreedom filed comments in response to the Federal Trade Commission’s request for public review and comment on the Draft FTC Strategic Plan for Fiscal...

Florida Online Speech Code Violates First Amendment, TechFreedom Tells Federal Appeals Court

November 15, 2021

Today, TechFreedom filed an amicus brief urging the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit to affirm a trial court order blocking enforcement of...

FCC Should “Push to Reject” Regulatory Fees That Punish Big Tech

October 21, 2021

Today, TechFreedom filed comments at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding the way it assesses regulatory fees to recoup its $375 million annual budget. Hidden...

TechFreedom Launches FTC Webinar Series

October 14, 2021

This fall, TechFreedom is hosting a series of webinars about the Federal Trade Commission — which we’ve long called the Federal Technology Commission. With the...

Social Media Aren’t Common Carriers, Can’t Be Forced to Host Speech, TechFreedom Tells Texas Court

October 12, 2021

Last Friday, TechFreedom filed an amicus brief in a Texas federal trial court in support of two trade associations’ lawsuit challenging HB 20, Texas’s new...