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TechFreedom digs deep into the hard policy and legal questions raised by technological change. We’re bullish on the future: for the most part, it’ll be great — if we let it. If those in power can resist the all-too-natural impulse for stability and control. We craft policy frameworks that allow for experimentation, innovation, and evolution, that help people adapt to change, instead of trying to fight it, that focus on clear problems. In short, we teach policymakers how to be friends, not enemies, of the future.

The future will be as grand, and as particular, as we are.

Virginia Postrel

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A Summit on Truth, Expertise, Neutrality, Social Media & Common Carriage

June 30, 2022

Join us on July 20 for TechFreedom’s 2022 Policy Summit at the American Geophysical Union in Washington, D.C.!  The event will kick off with a...

FCC Pole Replacement Rules Necessary to Help End the Digital Divide

June 27, 2022

Today, TechFreedom filed comments in response to the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (SFNPRM) on measures that the Commission may...

FCC’s Study of Receiver Performance Long Overdue

June 27, 2022

Today, TechFreedom filed comments in response to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Notice of Inquiry (NOI) on the role of receiver performance in spectrum management....

In NASA’s Moon to Mars Initiative, Shutting out Commerce Gets You Nowhere

June 6, 2022

On Friday, TechFreedom filed comments in response to NASA’s request for comments on its “Moon to Mars 50 Objectives.” TechFreedom urged NASA to consider dissenting...

Don’t Let Texas Break the Internet, TechFreedom Urges Supreme Court

May 18, 2022

Last week, just two days after hearing oral argument, and without issuing an opinion, the Fifth Circuit stayed a district court order blocking enforcement of...

FCC Must Not Overstep Authority to Prevent Digital Discrimination

May 17, 2022

The 2021 infrastructure bill allocates $65 billion for broadband and commands the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to make rules to “facilitate” equal access to broadband,...