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TechFreedom digs deep into the hard policy and legal questions raised by technological change. We’re bullish on the future: for the most part, it’ll be great — if we let it. If those in power can resist the all-too-natural impulse for stability and control. We craft policy frameworks that allow for experimentation, innovation, and evolution, that help people adapt to change, instead of trying to fight it, that focus on clear problems. In short, we teach policymakers how to be friends, not enemies, of the future.

The future will be as grand, and as particular, as we are.

Virginia Postrel

Recent Posts

Reply Comments Are Vital for Democratizing the FTC

March 23, 2023

Today, TechFreedom wrote a coalition letter requesting that commenters be given 30 days after all initial comments have been made publicly available to file reply...

Montana’s Social Media “Censorship” Bill Is Unconstitutional

March 21, 2023

Yesterday, TechFreedom submitted written testimony in advance of the Montana State Senate Business, Labor, and Economic Affairs Committee’s hearing on House Bill 770. A close...

We’re Hiring: Summer 2023 Google U.S. Public Policy Fellowship Program

March 20, 2023

TechFreedom is excited to participate in the Summer 2023 Google Public Policy Fellowship Program. Students interested in Internet and technology policy may apply to this...

TechFreedom Delivers Remarks at FTC Open Commission Meeting

March 16, 2023

Today, three of TechFreedom’s policy experts delivered remarks at the FTC’s March Open Commission Meeting. Their oral remarks are presented here, lightly edited for clarity....

Tennessee Common Carriage Legislation Is Doomed to Fail

March 14, 2023

Yesterday, TechFreedom submitted written testimony in advance of two hearings in the Tennessee General Assembly for House Bill 682 and Senate Bill 111. These bills...

New Space Race Needs 21st Century Licensing Rules

March 6, 2023

On Friday, TechFreedom filed comments in response to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) proposing changes to the processing of satellite...