April 7, 2011 – 12:00pm to 2:00pm

This panel discussion features intellectual property scholars and Internet governance experts hosted by the Competitive Enterprise Institute and TechFreedom. The event will explore the need for, and concerns about, recent legislative proposals to give law enforcement new tools to combat websites that facilitate and engage in unlawful counterfeiting and copyright infringement.

  • Juliana Gruenwald, Staff Writer for Technology and Telecom, National Journal (Moderator)
  • Daniel Castro, Senior Analyst, Information Technology & Innovation Foundation
  • Larry Downes, Senior Adjunct Fellow, TechFreedom
  • Danny McPherson, Chief Security Officer, VeriSign
  • Ryan Radia, Associate Director of Technology Studies, Competitive Enterprise Institute
  • David Sohn, Senior Policy Counsel and Director, Project on Intellectual Property and Technology, Center for Democracy & Technology
  • Thomas Sydnor II, Senior Fellow in Intellectual Property, Association for Competitive Technology