TechFreedom is a nonpartisan tech policy think tank based in Washington, D.C. As dynamists, we embrace a world of continuous invention, discovery, and entrepreneurship. We provide in-depth legal analysis to policymakers, courts, the media, and others in civil society trying to understand a wide range of technology-related policy issues, such as:

  • Free Speech
  • Platform regulation and intermediary responsibility
  • Antitrust and consumer protection law
  • Privacy, artificial intelligence, child protection, and data security
  • Outer space law, regulation, and policy
  • Telecommunications law
  • Administrative law and related constitutional issues

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Researching key legal and policy issues in support of writing projects
  • Assisting the fact-checking of legal briefs, regulatory comments, and more
  • Tracking technology-related court cases and legislation 
  • Crafting footnotes in accordance with the Bluebook Uniform System of Citation
  • Attending Capitol Hill hearings, speaker events, and virtual panels to take notes

How to Apply

The internship is remote, and the time commitment is flexible. We pay $20/hour. Students interested in the internship should email Santana Boulton <> and Jared Smith <> with their resume, cover letter, transcript (unofficial is OK), and at least two legal writing samples.