In comments on the FCC’s Policies Regarding Mobile Spectrum Holdings Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, TechFreedom urged the FCC to facilitate transfers of spectrum by eliminating the spectrum screen and replacing it with an analysis that better suits the realities of today’s wireless market and consumers’ growing demand for wireless data. They begin:

The FCC’s current policies and rules regarding mobile spectrum holdings are in desperate need of an upgrade. The landscape of the wireless market has changed dramatically over the last several years, and consumers’ demand for mobile broadband services is skyrocketing with little new supply [of spectrum?] coming online [available?] in the near future. If consumers’ demands are to be met, spectrum must be allowed to “rise to its highest valued use.” This means there must be a functional market by which spectrum can be transferred from those who currently hold it to those who value it more. In other words, to paraphrase Frank Herbert’s classic novel Dune, “the spectrum must flow!”

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