Today’s videoconference will be broadcast live here on Google+ and here on Youtube at 1:30 pm ET (10:30 am PT). You can submit questions to the panel via Twitter using the hashtag #NoTitleII.

A vocal fringe of activists has morphed the net neutrality debate into a confused discussion over whether to regulate the Internet like the monopoly telephone network. For decades, a bipartisan consensus has understood that applying Title II of the 1934 Communications Act to the Internet would choke the investment needed for broadband upgrades while putting “edge” providers like VoIP at risk, too.

The FCC was right to maintain the Clinton FCC’s “Hands off the Net” approach back in 2010, when it rejected the idea of imposing Title II’s heavy-handed regulations and then trying to edit them down through the messy process of “forbearance.”

Join us Wednesday, October 8 at 1:30  ET (10:30 am PT) for a Hangout On Air videoconference with a diverse panel of four leading opponents of imposing Title II on the Internet:

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