The nation is paying close attention to FCC Chairman Wheeler’s proposed Net Neutrality regulations — which would ban a wide range of behaviors such as blocking websites, but would not prohibit interconnection agreements and leaves open the possibility for other commercially reasonable forms of “fast lanes” in broadband. TF’s Berin Szoka appeared on Brian Lehrer’s show on CUNY Television to debate the issue; see the episode description and watch the video below (the Net Neutrality discussion starts the episode and runs 17 minutes):

First, net neutrality. The Federal Communications Commission opened a debate on a new set of proposed rules governing net neutrality. Will a fast lane exclusive to paying websites tilt the source of information consumption to the big players? To discuss, Justin Fox, NY executive director of the Harvard Business Review, Tim Karr, senior director of strategy at “Free Press” and Berin Szoka, tech lawyer and president of TechFreedom.