Five years ago today, TechFreedom launched as a new kind of think tank — dedicated to advancing the freedoms that make innovation possible.

We’re always looking for ways to reinvent think tankery. If you like our unique combination of snark and substance on Twitter, you’ll love our new podcast.

We pay close attention to what’s going on in tech policy so you don’t have to . Instead of trying to keep up with white papers, regulatory orders, lawsuits and hearings that are Washington DC’s main (only?) exports, just tune into the Tech Policy Podcast.

We’ll put out a new episode daily (almost)—interviews with attitude, starring experts from policy organizations, academic institutions, tech companies, and more. On topics including surveillance, cybersecurity, Internet regulation, free speech, competition, broadband, the sharing economy, Bitcoin, space law and, yes, even asteroid mining.

Whether you’re a tech evangelist, a policy wonk, or just an interested person with a real job, there’s something for everyone in this unique podcast.

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