Tomorrow, TechFreedom’s Free Speech Counsel, Ari Cohn, will testify before the U.S. Senate Committee on Rules & Administration on AI and the future of our elections. 

“Technology, like the expression it enables, can be used for nefarious ends. But fear of that possibility should not lead us to reflexively stifle innovation and new avenues for speech,” Cohn said. “New forms of communication—new media—have always been accompanied by concerns about their impact on the political atmosphere, but like information, speech wants to be free—and it will always find its way there.”

“Political speech is afforded the highest level of First Amendment protection, and the use of new AI technology does not change that basic fact,” Cohn continued. “Government must not decide for us what information is important, relevant, or even true. For democratic self-governance to thrive, that right—and responsibility—must rest with the people.”

“Concern for our democratic processes and institutions is well-placed. But reflexive legislation prompted by fear of the next technological boogeyman will not safeguard our democratic values,” Cohn concluded.Instead, intrusions on the free and unfettered political discourse that has been the lifeblood of our democracy will ultimately subvert it. Conversely, resisting the urge to legislate about merely speculative problems will strengthen our resiliency, safeguard our fundamental liberties, and avoid repeating in a new medium the errors of years gone by.”


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