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TechFreedom’s Latest: Dangers of SOPA, Search Bias Exaggerated, Celebrating 7 Billion, ECPA, COPPA

November 4, 2011

SOPA: Hollywood’s Latest Effort to Turn Back Time (CNET) Larry Downes has previously warned about the unintended consequences of the Senate’s Protect IP Act, noting...

Larry Downes Statement on Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

October 28, 2011

Yesterday, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tx) introduced the Stopping Online Piracy Act (H.R. 3261), also called the Enforcing and Protecting American Rights Against Sites Intent on...

Copyright, Done Right: Warrantless Factory Searches Aren’t the Right Way to Stop DVD Piracy

October 4, 2011

California police will now be able to conduct warrantless searches of optical disc (DVD, CD, BluRay) factories to look for piracy and seize pirated discs,...

What Should Lawmakers Do About Rogue Websites?

April 1, 2011

April 7, 2011 – 12:00pm to 2:00pm This panel discussion features intellectual property scholars and Internet governance experts hosted by the Competitive Enterprise Institute and...

Doing Nothing to Save the Internet

January 31, 2011

My essay last week for (the title I proposed is above, but it must have been too “punny” for the editors) generated a lot of...

Photos from Next Digital Decade Launch Event

January 26, 2011

Here’s an album of photos from the Next Digital Decade