We hope you enjoyed TechFreedom’s 2022 Policy Summit at the American Geophysical Union.

The event kicked off with a discussion of “Truth, Misinformation, and the Role of Experts in an Era of Crisis.” In our second panel, we discussed the proper role for “expert” agencies: What does it mean for agencies to be democratically accountable to an increasingly mistrustful public? Our third panel compared and contrasted the long-running debate over whether broadband providers should be classified as common carriers with the more recent discourse over whether social media are common carriers.

To round out the day, Corbin Barthold hosted a special live recording of the Tech Policy Podcast with guest Quinta Jurecic of the Brookings Institution. They discussed the work of the January 6 committee, efforts to combat “the Big Lie” on the Internet, the difficulty of combatting online extremism, and more. Full list of panels below.

Panel 1: Truth, Misinformation, and the Role of Experts in an Era of Crisis:

  • Jennifer Kavanagh, Senior Fellow in the American Statecraft Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP)
  • Jonathan Rauch, Senior Fellow in the Governance Studies Program, Brookings Institute
  • Gordon Crovitz, Co-Chief Executive Officer, NewsGuard 
  • Moderator: Berin Szóka, President, TechFreedom 

Panel 2: Trust, Institutional Design, and the Future of the Administrative State:

  • Remarks by Noah Phillips, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission (FTC), about legal developments concerning expert agencies
  • Michael C. Munger, Director of Undergraduate Studies (Political Science) and PPE program, Duke University
  • Steven Teles, Professor of Political Science at the Johns Hopkins University; Senior Fellow at the Niskanen Center
  • Larry Downes, author, The Laws of Disruption, and Internet industry analyst
  • Moderator: Corbin Barthold, Internet Policy Counsel, TechFreedom

Panel 3: Common Carriage, Social Media, Broadband & the First Amendment:

  • Blake Reid, Clinical Professor; Director of the Samuelson-Glushko Technology Law & Policy Clinic (TLPC) at Colorado Law; Faculty Director of the Telecom and Platforms Initiative at the Silicon Flatirons Center
  • Genevieve Lakier, Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School; Senior Visiting Research Scholar, The Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University
  • Christopher Yoo, John H. Chestnut Professor of Law, Communication, and Computer & Information Science at University of Pennsylvania Law School; Founding Director, Center for Technology, Innovation and Competition
  • Berin Szóka, President, TechFreedom 
  • Moderator: Ari Cohn, Free Speech Counsel, TechFreedom

Panel 4: Live Podcast with guest Quinta Jurecic, Fellow in Governance Studies of the Brookings Institution 

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