TechFreedom launched just over a year ago with the publication of The Next Digital Decade , a free ebook that brought together 26 scholars of Internet law, philosophy, policy and economics to consider what the next digital decade might bring from a wide variety of philosophical perspectives. Even with all of the changes in the past year, this book is still essential reading for those who are looking toward the future.

The book’s 31 essays address questions such as: Has the Internet been good for our culture? Is the Internet at risk from the drive to build more secure, but less “open” systems and devices? Is the Internet really so “exceptional?” Has it fundamentally changed economics? Who—and what ideas—will govern the Net in 2020? Should online intermediaries like access providers, hosting providers, search engines and social networks do more to “police” their networks, increase transparency, or operate “neutrally?” What future is there for privacy online? Can online free speech be regulated? Can it really unseat tyrants?

Read the book’s Foreword and Introduction for more details. You can read or download the free ebook here —or buy a print copy . The book can also be found in the Kindle ebook store for $.99, or for free in the Apple and Google ebook stores.