Following the Open Internet Order’s defeat before the DC Circuit Court, some members of Congress have introduced a new bill to “temporarily” bring back the Net Neutrality regulations. In an article on, TF President Berin Szoka explains why this bill won’t help the situation:

Berin Szoka, president of the free-market think tank, TechFreedomwrote in a blog post that the court’s decision “opened the Pandora’s Box of Internet regulation by both the FCC and state regulators.”

“This bill would do nothing to close that box, leaving the FCC free to require anything from copyright filtering to micromanagement of smart home devices,” Szoka said.

Pronouncing a death sentence for the bill in the divided Congress, Szoka criticized the bill’s authors for not focusing instead on how the agency could promote competition and the deployment of broadband.

“So whatever the theoretical limit on the FCC’s power to regulate Net Neutrality, or the Internet in general, the reality could be much more draconian,” Szoka wrote .

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