VoIP (Voice over IP) pioneer Jeff Pulver understands,  as well as anyone, that the heavy hand of government can stifle innovation, investment, and disruption. He spent years advocating against Title II to protect Internet voice services from crippling, monopoly-style regulations. In our third episode of TechFreedomTV, Jeff Pulver sits down with TechFreedom President Berin Szoka to discuss his history with VoIP and the dangers of Title II regulation.

On regulating the Internet like a public utility? “I am totally against trying to take old laws and apply them to new tricks,” said VoIP pioneer Jeff Pulver. “[And] I just don’t want to have to come back [to Washington] and say ‘I told you so,’ because, frankly, a life without Snapchat, without Facetime, without Skype, is a life that’s going to be a lot more challenging than we have today.”

Pulver also had some harsh words for the so-called “consumer groups” pushing Title II, calling them the “ultimate puppeteers in Washington.” He continues, “They’re using their bully pulpit for business purposes and they’re trying to extract out blood from a stone for their own benefit only. They don’t care about anyone else; they care about themselves.”

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