Join TechFreedom & CALinnovates for a Luncheon Discussion

WASHINGTON — The FCC will vote on how to regulate broadband privacy on Thursday, October 27. While the rules are billed as consumer protection, critics charge that the FCC’s departure from the FTC’s longstanding approach will create confusion, harming both businesses and their customers. How should the FCC regulate broadband privacy? How closely should its approach resemble the FTC’s? Will Chairman Wheeler’s promised revisions be enough to address concerns over the initial proposal?

Join TechFreedom and CALinnovates Monday, October 24, at noon for a discussion of these critical questions surrounding the FCC’s broadband privacy regulations. Lunch will be provided. Join the conversation on Twitter with #FCCPrivacy.  For those not in the DC area, the event will be livestreamed here.

In addition to the panel, the event will feature a keynote address from David Goldman, Chief Democratic Council for Communications and Tech for the US House of Representatives’ Energy & Commerce Committee.

When: October 24, 12 pm – 2 pm

Where: SR-253, Russell Senate Building

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Our panel will feature:


We can be reached for comment at See more of our work on broadband privacy, including our reply comments on the FCC’s proposal.

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