WASHINGTON D.C. — Today, TechFreedom joined a coalition of privacy-minded companies, industry and trade groups, and civil society organizations in opposition to the drafted FISA Improvements Act and FISA Reform Act of 2015 — proposed by Sens. Burr (R-NC) and Feinstein (D-CA) respectively — that fail to properly address overbroad surveillance activities under the PATRIOT Act, and would weaken privacy, civil liberties, and the digital economy.

The coalition letter warns that:

…both bills authorize the government to impose a data retention mandate on private businesses, a privacy-threatening measure that is unnecessary and unacceptable. As confirmed by the Director of National Intelligence and Attorney General this month, existing retention practices meet government needs, and do not raise security concerns. A retention mandate would only serve to hinder innovation, decrease trust in communication and technology products and services, and raise significant information security concerns.

Data retention mandates are bad for business, bad for privacy, and bad for security,” said

Ben Sperry, Legal Fellow at TechFreedom. “Since their bills have no chance of passing the House, Sens. Burr and Feinstein should focus their efforts on passing the USA FREEDOM Act, a true compromise that helps restore the proper balance between privacy and security.”


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