Senator Rockefeller has detected code words from Republican FCC nominee Michael O’Rielly.

When O’Rielly reiterated that he advocated a “flexible” and a “light hand” on regulation, Rockefeller interrupted, “To me those are code words.”

In order to assist the Senate Commerce Committee with their investigation, I have uncovered other governments officials who use these code words

  • FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel: ” I believe a light-touch approach is an essential part of ensuring that nascent communications services have the chance to develop and thrive.”
  • President Obama: “We believe in a light touch when it comes to regulations.”

  • Chairman Rockefeller (and Waxman): “To accomplish these objectives, the Commission should consider all viable options.  This includes a change in classification, provided that doing so entails a light regulatory touch…”
  • Chairman Rockefeller: “the FCC’s light-touch approach to network neutrality prevailed, and that is a good thing.”
  • Chairman Rockefeller: “This takes a light-touch approach and keeps the playing field free…”
  • White House OSTP & NEC: “The Obama Administration has made a number of contributions to the rapid growth of highspeed broadband, including … a light-touch, multi-stakeholder approach to regulation that has fostered both innovation in applications and deployment of infrastructure.”

As for TechFreedom, we support an Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start approach to regulatory policy.