As we have been arguing time and again , CISPA bars companies from making enforceable promises to their users about how they might share users’ information with the government or other companies in the name of protecting cybersecurity. Yesterday the House Rules Committee  quashed bipartisan amendment , sponsored by Rep. Justin Amash, that would fix this problem.  The current fight over the bill and its amendments highlights divisions along a new axis, as TechFreedom President Berin Szoka describe in TechDirt :

The good news is that, as with SOPA, this fight transcended partisan lines, uniting a Democrat like Jared Polis (an openly gay progressive from Boulder) with a strict constitutionalist like Justin Amash (the “Ron Paul Republican” from Grand Rapids Michigan)—and four more traditional Republicans. This is precisely the realignment predicted 15 years ago by Virginia Postrel in The Future and Its Enemies. On one side are those profoundly uncomfortable with change, desperate to control and plan the future, and so insecure about their own understanding of technology that they inevitably perceive criticism as a personal attack. On the other are those far more humble and more willing to let the future play out in all its messy unpredictability.

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