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U.S. Mayors Call for Government Broadband, Extreme Regulation

July 2, 2014

Mayors want better broadband. But instead of making it easier for private companies like Google Fiber or Verizon FiOS to build broadband networks, they want...

Don’t count on government to build out broadband

September 18, 2013

$200 billionĀ  invested in cable infrastructure since 1996 $23 billionĀ  invested by Verizon in its FiOS fiber network since 2004 $14 billionĀ  invested by AT&T...

Another Democrat on the “False Promise of Municipal Broadband”

August 21, 2013

For the most part, municipally-built broadband networks have the economic chips stacked against them and, where tried, have saddled local taxpayers with a mountain of...