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How the FCC Can Lead the Way to Internet Everywhere by Enabling the IP Transition

February 26, 2013

AT&T’s petition presents the FCC with a stark choice:  Bootstrap the regulations of a dying 20th century technology platform onto the networks of the future,...

Toward Modern, Modest Regulation for the IP Transition

January 28, 2013

AT&T and NTCA have asked the Commission to open a proceeding to facilitate the telephone industry’s ongoing transition from legacy, time-division multiplexed (“TDM”) networks to...

Transcript Now Available for “Tech Policy in 2013 Roundtable: The View from Communications Policy” Event

January 25, 2013

Quick links: Introductions Top Tech Issues in Next 3-5 Years Net Neutrality, the Digital Age Communications Act, and FCC Reform AT&T and Internet Transformation Video...