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TechFreedom digs deep into the hard policy and legal questions raised by technological change. We’re bullish on the future: for the most part, it’ll be great — if we let it. If those in power can resist the all-too-natural impulse for stability and control. We craft policy frameworks that allow for experimentation, innovation, and evolution, that help people adapt to change, instead of trying to fight it, that focus on clear problems. In short, we teach policymakers how to be friends, not enemies, of the future.

The future will be as grand, and as particular, as we are.

Virginia Postrel

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Well-Intentioned ‘Honest Ads’ Bill Raises Serious Free Speech Concerns

October 19, 2017

WASHINGTON D.C. — Today, Senators Mark Warner (D-VA) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) held a press conference announcing introduction of the Honest Ads Act. Co-sponsored by...

Simons, Chopra, Phillips Nominated to Federal Trade Commission

October 19, 2017

WASHINGTON D.C. — Yesterday, the President nominated Republican Joe Simons to chair the Federal Trade Commission as well as Democrat Rohit Chopra and Republican Noah...

#200: Bicentennial

October 16, 2017

Pop some champagne and untangle your headphones, as the Tech Policy Podcast is celebrating it’s 200th episode. Woo! Evan sits down with Austin Carson, Executive...

A Victory for Online & Political Free Speech in Dreamhost Case

October 11, 2017

WASHINGTON D.C. —Yesterday, in a major victory for online and political free speech, the Chief Judge of the D.C. Superior Court revised an earlier order...

Important Documents in the Open Internet Order Case

October 10, 2017

Petitions for Cert TechFreedom, et al Berninger American Cable Association NCTA US Telecom & CenturyLink CTIA AT&T TechFreedom’s Briefs Motion to Intervene Intervenor Brief Reply...

#199: Telemedicine

October 10, 2017

The Internet has disrupted the way we communicate, entertain ourselves, and more. But what about how we take care of ourselves? While the Fitbit and...