Comcast-TWC Deal Won’t Reduce Competition: Geoff Manne in the Global Post

With Comcast seeking to buy Time Warner Cable, making it the biggest provider of television and Internet connections in the country, some have expressed concerns that this would reduce competition. Yesterday, TF’s Geoffrey Manne dispelled these fears in an interview with the Global Post:

Geoffrey Manne, senior fellow at the technology think tank TechFreedom said competition concerns should be minimal because Comcast has already agreed to conditions in these areas for its NBCU acquisition.

"If anything, the merger will effectively provide consumers with more bargaining power to rein in overall programming costs and lower their bills," Manne said in a statement.

"Meanwhile, the deal will enhance Comcast’s efforts to build the nation’s largest wireless mesh network, which could introduce new competition in the wireless market."

Read the full article, and see our other work on how to promote competition.

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