It would be a sad outcome of the surveillance disclosures if they led to an approach to Internet policy making and governance in which countries became a series of walled gardens with governments holding the keys to locked gates. But that is where we will end up if all data has to stay on servers located in the nation in which a citizen lives or where a device is located. The digital world does not need another Great Firewall – in Europe or anywhere else.

Cameron Kerry blasts E.U. efforts to start a digital trade war using European outrage at NSA surveillance as a pretext.  In a speech given given today at the German Marshal Fund, Kerry, outgoing General Counsel of the U.S. Department of Commerce and brother of John Kerry, emphasized that 

Transborder trade… now relies on the continued open flow of data, and cutting off these flows would cause significant and immediate economic damage. Moreover, it would lead to loss of competitiveness on both sides as other economies around the world that embrace open Internet architectures and freedom to experiment with data analytics offer havens for innovators. Our economic future is at stake in our international engagement.”

So what’s the U.S. government going to do to address privacy concerns? TechFreedom’s Berin Szoka summarizes and reacts to Kerry’s speech.

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